Released on 18. February 2014

(LP) MP3



Dream sounds and beats to bring you in science fiction groove mood ...

Here we feel gravity with title song 'Lady Gravity', we 'noize' on how men must have chests, finally we let you boost-up !
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Lady Gravity

Released on 7. October 2017

(EP) MP3


Here we bang our head, make some beats, have a satiric black-out and spend four weeks with an Anaconda.
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Myringa Rub

Released on 4. November 2012

(LP)  MP3

Brane Collisions


Musing on universe separating membranes (brane) collisions, multiple past and future big-bangs, tweaking our gear and tracking some fantasy exoplanet in bubble 9's CFA2.

Released 9. December 2011

(LP)  MP3

Voc Noize


About NOIZE during Deep Space trips, cloudy views, Multi-Cell space creatures, four tracks served with some computer generated                     ...

Released 12. December 2010

 (Track)  MP3

Left Side


Here we look up, down, backwards, in front, right and left and see ...
Have fun and relax ...

Released on 3. December 2010

(LP, three tracks) MP3



Jumping with atoms within universes bubble number eight, nine and ten.  Additional Reality track as a bonus.

Released on 5. March 2010

 (Track) MP3

Silvermoon (freaky kitchy)


Lets bum bum freaky kitchy as hard as we can, with moonshine all over you ... :

Released on 1. November 2009

(LP) MP3

Eleven Universes 


Imagine eleven parallel universes out of an infinite number.
Their existence is postulated by some cosmology physics theorist(s).

Released on 6. October 2009

(Track) MP3

Wormhole Diver


Dreaming of traveling between and within parallel universes in time and space ...